The purpose of an appeal is to review decisions of the trial court to determine whether a harmful legal error has occurred. Appellate practice presents unique issues, outside of the trial court case. Your attorney should determine the following, before filing a notice of appeal or beginning to draft a brief:

Is the appeal timely?

Is the order on appeal a final order or an appealable, non-final order?

If the order is not a final order or an appealable, non-final order, does the order qualify for discretionary review under the courts’ extraordinary writ jurisdiction, either as a writ of certiorari, a writ of mandamus, or a writ of prohibition?

Is there a sufficient record for review by the appellate court?

What is the standard of review for each issue on appeal?

Weinstein Law, P.A. represents clients in appellate matters throughout Florida. Morgan Weinstein has represented appellants and appellees in matters ranging from the validity of arbitration results, enforcement of municipal fees on industry, attorney’s fees disputes, and real property matters. Morgan has been lead appellate counsel in each district court of the State of Florida, as well as the Florida Supreme Court, and has advocated on behalf of clients at oral argument on numerous occasions.